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Due to the overwhelming amount of SPAM being posted on the Forum (on a daily basis), we’ve decided to simplify the website.

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The new year of hope

2012. someone wrote that firefly should remain dead. I get that.. my glass is always half full not empty, the easiest road is the one we dont have to travel. We just sit back and make up reasons why it cant be walked. Oh well, at least we tried. … BAH. We are mighty. while the love and passion remains, so does the road, so does the intent. Bellflower is mighty. This year will prove to be the year of the Bell.
Dont tell anyone, but I (dont know why I didnt think of it sooner) going to take the part of the film (first 5 – 8 mins) that has all the film bits in it and get it done and out.. SOMETHING!! get something out there, Kind of like the guild 5 min bits released every so often. “What willhappen in the next 5 mins?” I dont know.. funny thing i was reading the next episode of Bellflower that I had written back in 2007, funny.. maybe I will do that as an audio drama.. most of the people are around. so there is alot of Bell to come/.. but lets get the first 5 out to get things started.. we also have a facbook site.

Stay shinny

September morn

Well its september, same bat channel, same bat story. The animations are still trickling in, unfortunatley. i dont have a million pesos to buy the soul of an animator, so the glory of bellflower patiently waits till these talented persons are free for a second to chip away at it.

It has only been 3 years.. Bell is patient. So in the past few months i have recieved a couple of new shots.. they rock and will turn your mind to gosa when they come out, but im sad to say that there are too many wholes in the edit to allow a small release. See we even decided that we wouldnt release the first 10 mins previously shown, because the new animations for that edit is now WAY! beyond those first beautiful concepts.

So i burn my insence, chant and slap two large tunas together try to please the film gods to have more shots trickle in.. We so want to update and release the first 10 mins.. the shots ARE being worked on, but strangely enough the animator doing the job has to pay bills and eat. Weird hu.. so as his time frees up, so do the shots. After the first 10 -12 mins, the animtions for the next HOUR! is mostly complete. we only have an exciting takeoff shot that needs to be finalized.
We have a great template animation file for the majority of the animation shots for the back end of the film, all except the one wher the trans U #%@&*% @#@^#(@ and then #@*)*&* @#*&#!)@&!.

So as always.. we are still here.. HEY there is a facebook place thingy.. some pictures. there.. I would love to put a couple of clips there as well. So we started late 2005, finished construction around.. (dave?) 2008.. filming finished.. arounf the same time .. 2008 xmass i think.. (DAVE?) its now around 2012.. six years… that aint too bad.. another 4 and we took as long as it takes to terra from a planet!

AnyHOO!! thanks for still popping in, stay shinny, be good to your mum.

So… June…

well time flies along doesnt it viewers.

we are still trying to finish up the first 10 mins.. the funny things is that its really the first ten minutes that has alot of the special effects in it, where the next, say hour or so is less effects heavy, and more wonderful verse characters that envelope you into the verse way of life.

so we are focusing now on getting the first 10 mins out.

Once we have the video edit complete, we will move post haste to get the audio to the highest quality possible.

Talking about all that, Bentley is working on a series of scoring video’s for Bellflower that he will release shortly. So that will be peachy.

So keep watchign this space, something will change soon I hope.

April 2011

April 2011. One thing above all that I may comment on is the support and dedication to the producers of this film. One things about the stretched time line is that technology has progressed. I mean AT 386 was all the rage when we first started this film. But as these amazing animators whoz shall surely be famous and very popular from the work they have produced ( As they r already ) in this film.
I keep thinking about this very cool trailer I want to put together. It is partly together. I get torn.. as pre executive producer and GOD dave hodson had directed, we will endeavour to release the film in small 10 min sequences. Once this starts, wew should be able to supply a steady stream of bellflower. We will let you know where and when.

I recently put a few small clips from the animators n facbook. firefly facebook.. and a few others.. thanks mum for your feedback. it was swell.

As I have said over and over.. the quality of work coming out is beyond a dream.. well, my dream is to display an expression of the firefly verse that involkes the Glee, and emotional connection that firefly itself gave us. from the beautiful art and the low key characters, I feel bell is getting there.

We are so close to having the first 10 mins completed. the first 10 mins is among the hardest and most complex of the film hence we cant release the rest of the mostly completed sequences until this is complete. which it nearly is.

So we started in NOV 2005. its nearly … well 100 years since then.. our hearts are still filled with the love of this show, which makes us mighty. Our Mighty love for firefly.